TASHI 安養護一對多量測照護 養護一對多量測照護

TASHI 銀髮樂活自主照護

TASHI 智能門禁差勤 / 臉辨防代刷門禁系統

TASHI 智慧輕居家與健康照護

TASHI Smartech Co., Ltd.

TASHI Smartech is a subsidiary of Unitech Group, mainly engaging in Smart Solutions for Residential Home, Time Attendance & Access Control, and Elderly Care as a solution provider. TASHI spirit is ten core applications, including T (Time management / TeleCare)A (Access control / AI)S (Security / Surveillance)H (Home automation / HealthCare)I (Intercom / Identification), among market sectors in Apartment/House, Office/Building, Nursing Home/Day-Care Center, School/Governmental Institutes. TASHI bases on a good intention to serve all customers a considerate life experience in modern Home and high tech Office, extending our core techniques to serving Elderly Care and Nursing Care.  TASHI fully focuses on integrated solutions to fulfill your wanted IT life style with safety.

In response to the governmental social welfare in elderly citizens, TASHI follows the police devoting to Telecare and coming Remote Consultation system, committing to the practice of corporate social responsibility, hoping to boost up the caring solution to whom he/she might need it. TASHI launches the Elderly LoHAS system which is a fine solution bridge for Home and Health Centers; we expect the sense of caring brings the elders and their families even closer and more harmonious.