Torbay team trialling ground-breaking digital technology that's key to improving patient outcomes

產業新知 國際趨勢

Torbay and South Devon NHS Foundation Trust have worked with NHS Digital as a national pilot centre for the trialling the ground-breaking Microsoft HoloLens 2 and Dynamics 365 Remote Assist.

A mixed reality headset, HoloLens 2 uses multiple sensors, advanced optics, and holographic processing. The digital overlays created within the headset can be used to display information which blends with the real world to create a mixed or augmented view. The first pilot project is taking place at Torbay's breast care unit, where the digital technology will support nurse-led dressing clinics. Clinical specialist nurses will be able to send a high-resolution video feed to consultants, in real time, to get immediate feedback and advice on a patient's needs. Additionally, consultants are able to add digital markers and annotations live on to the video, to guide the nurse's view where useful.