4 health technology trends to watch in 2022

產業新知 國際趨勢

Let's take a look at four emerging trends for 2022 that could improve patient care, decrease costs, and improve access to healthcare. 

Remote patient monitoring (RPM) : The American Heart Association sees a lot of promise in RPM, and recently issued a position statement that included the following: Remote patient monitoring (RPM) can empower patients to better manage their health and participate in their health care. 

Big Data: With respect to medicine, Big Data uncovers health patterns and offers solutions that as of yet have been unattainable. It can offer quick answers to complex questions.

Internet of Things (IoT): IoT has the potential to streamline and enhance health care delivery to predict and diagnose diseases. It can also help monitor inpatients and outpatients.

Digital therapeutics: These therapies have the potential to change what the pharmaceutical industry sells, catering to both providers and patients both by selling not just a drug, but a combination of drugs and digital services.

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