UCI Health, DispatchHealth Partner to Launch At-Home Care Program

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UCI Health will use DispatchHealth's platform to coordinate and deliver care directly in patients' homes. The company provides direct-to-consumer at-home care services, and it partners with health systems and payers to provide home care. The UCI Health DispatchHealth service will treat simple and complex illnesses as well as minor injuries, including bronchitis, influenza, respiratory infections, minor fractures, diarrhea, and urinary tract infections.

Further, patients identified as being at high-risk of readmission following a hospital procedure will have access to in-home care for a day or two post-discharge through the new partnership. Known as DispatchHealth Bridge Care, this service aims to identify care gaps and connect the patient back to their primary care physician or specialist in the community.

This comes just one month after several prominent health systems, like Mayo Clinic, Kaiser Permanente, and Johns Hopkins Medicine, launched a coalition to advocate for strategies that support the delivery of hospital-level care at home.

Home healthcare is also gaining traction at the federal level, with the Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services launching the Acute Hospital Care at Home program last year. This program enables participating hospitals to treat some acute care patients at home using telehealth and remote patient monitoring.