Operations management solutions to improve ED patient flows: evidence from the Italian NHS

學術研究 國際趨勢

當確定的緊急服務需求超過急診科 (ED) 的可用資源時,就會出現人滿為患。文獻表明,正如最近的 COVID-19 大流行所證實的那樣,急診室人滿為患會影響整個醫院生產系統的整體質量。本研究旨在使用輸入-過程-輸出模型確定導致 ED 過度擁擠的最相關變量,旨在為管理人員和政策制定者提供有關如何有效地重新設計 ED 操作的有用提示。

Overcrowding occurs when the identified need for emergency services outweighs the available resources in the emergency department (ED). Literature shows that ED overcrowding impacts the overall quality of the entire hospital production system, as confirmed by the recent COVID-19 pandemic. This study aims to identify the most relevant variables that cause ED overcrowding using the input-process-output model with the aim of providing managers and policy makers with useful hints for how to effectively redesign ED operations.