Why is Digital Transformation the Need of the Hour for the Healthcare Industry?


For several years, numerous organizations have had digital transformation as a goal, but it has been neglected due to competing priorities. Traditionally, developing and implementing a technology-driven strategy took years. But with the COVID-19 pandemic and its impact on businesses, the adoption rate of the latest digital transformation trends has quadrupled. Furthermore, the reliance on relevant technologies such as machine learning, artificial intelligence, cloud computing, and so on has resulted in faster advancements. In this scenario, the healthcare sector is also undergoing significant technological advancement, becoming necessary for the industry’s future growth.


幾年來,許多組織都將數位轉型作為目標,但由於優先事項相互競爭而被忽視。傳統上,制定和實施技術驅動的戰略需要數年時間。但隨著 COVID-19 大流行及其對企業的影響,最新數位轉型趨勢的採用率翻倍。此外,對機器學習、人工智慧、雲計算等相關技術的依賴導致了更快的進步。在這種情況下,醫療保健行業也正在經歷重大的技術進步,成為該行業未來增長的必要條件。

資料出處: FE Health Care