Investopia launches ‘Smart Clinics’ initiative in UAE to improve life quality and wellness pathways


The global investment platform, Investopia launched a ‘Smart Clinics’ initiative in the UAE and the wider Middle East region to focus on improving life quality and establishing wellness pathways.

Technology and precision healthcare will be the key components of the Smart Clinics programme.

The initiative has already picked up momentum with Italy-based GKSD Investment Holding and Gruppo San Donato, announcing investments over 125 million euros in the new projects in the UAE and the region, which will include setting up of university infrastructure and smart clinics.

全球投資平台 Investopia 在阿聯酋和更廣泛的中東地區發起了一項“智能診所”計劃,以專注於改善生活質量和建立健康途徑。


該倡議已經與總部位於意大利的 GKSD Investment Holding 和 Gruppo San Donato 合作,宣布對阿聯酋和該地區的新項目投資超過1.25 億歐元,其中包括建立大學基礎設施和智能診所。

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