Digital Health Summit 2023 Spotlights Low Doctor Adoption of Digital Tech Despite PM Modi's Push


Despite Prime Minister Narendra Modi's push for digitalisation, less than one per cent of doctors nationwide are embracing digital technology for patient treatment or consultation. Dr. Rajendra Gupta, the Founder of the International Patients’ Union (IPU) and the organiser of the Global Digital Health Summit 2023, highlighted this disparity.

Dr. Rajendra stated, "Currently, there are 10 to 12 lakh doctors across India, of which only 10,000 to 12,000 have shown interest in digital technology and are using it for treating their patients. We are shifting our focus from thought leadership to practical implementation, addressing the critical challenges in implementing Digital Health at scale. With discussions on solutions for clinicians, the pharmaceutical industry, and small healthcare organizations, as well as the role of Start-Ups, Generative AI, Robotics, and Emerging Technologies in healthcare.