[Recorded Webinar]2020SHE 1-1 The Past and The Future in Smart Hospital

Focusing on “Telemedicine and AI Applications”, this event acts as a platform to share applications and preparations for smart healthcare as Taiwan embraces the 5G era. It takes everyone on an exploration of the latest trends in digital transformation and innovative applications when it comes to smart healthcare.

     MacKay Memorial Hospital has created an innovative smart healthcare model. It integrates multiple information systems, optimizes scheduling operations and utilizes IOT to establish smart wards in offering holistic smart service. Using 5G technology, the mobile mammography unit can transmit the screening results back to the hospital on a real time basis for AI-aided outcome interpretation. If a suspicious disease symptom is detected, the information is transmitted back to the mobile mammography unit on-site to speed up the arrangement of follow-up examinations and treatments, making full use of medical efficiency brought by the new technology.



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