Joint Commission of Taiwan (JCT) is an independent, non-profit exclusive external accreditation body accredited by the ISQua and organization dedicated to promoting the healthcare environment with justice, equity, and quality in Taiwan. The JCT established the Health Smart Taiwan (HST), a one-stop portal designed to promote Taiwan's high-quality smart healthcare solutions since 2019. We aim to improve the quality and safety of healthcare services to promote well-being at all ages through education, accreditation, supporting health systems, and health policy advocacy.



  • HST performs as an accelerator to boost the development of smart hospitals to the future.
  • HST performs supports hospitals to leverage digital transformation to deliver healthcare services with effectiveness and efficiency of the process and tackle various challenges.
  • The successful stories are given to appeal to more investment and evolvement of healthcare solution providers.






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HST brings together excellence application of smart healthcare solutions. Through on-site visit, you can talk with these providers to accelerate the understanding of smart care applications and future layout directions.

The visiting themes include outpatient and emergency Services, inpatient Services, teaching and research, administration, and environmental management. Welcome to contact us!



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