Improving Patient Safety Through a Smart Hospitalization Nu

Changhua Christian Medical Foundation Changhua Christian Hospital The hospital began using mobile nursing carts in 2011. After digit


AmCAD-UO® uses artificial intelligence (AI) and ultrasound technologies to detect OSA is truly smart and innovative being selected for t

Smart ED: ED Management System and AI Image Interpretation

National Cheng Kung University Hospital The intelligent ED management system collects all important information in a common pla

An Experience on a Smart Non-contacting Tablet Computer Sys

National Cheng Kung University Hospital   For the first time, patients use this "COVID-19 Smart Tablet Clinical Decisio

aetherAI’s AI-assisted lymph node assessment workflow for de

aetherAI—Asia’s leading medical image AI solution provider—has designed an AI-assisted lymph node assessment workflow, val

Smart Inpatient Dispensing Solution

Kaohsiung Chang Gung Memorial Hospital The hospital combined local automated equipment and pharmacy management system to develo

Through Innovative Clinical Training to Improve Patient Safe

By Frances Huang On World Safety Say, HST (Health Smart Taiwan) and JCT (Joint Commission of Taiwan) organized a webinar to discuss a

Artificial Intelligence Critical Care System

Taipei Medical University Hospital The "Ted-ICU Smart Critical Care System" automatically transfers, integrates, calc

Cloud Health Service Stations

Tamsui MacKay Memorial Hospital Citizens use their ID card or National Health Insurance card for identity verification when the

5G Telemedicine Platform, New Healthcare Model for Areas wi

Far Eastern Memorial Hospital The  Hospital  worked  together  with Shiding District Public Health Center and&nb

The Early Warning System (EWS) for reducing the unex

Far Eastern Memorial Hospital it is extremely difficult to predict the sudden condition of the patient. Through the implementat

Application of a Closed-loop Management System to Reengine a

En Chu Kong Hospital The hospital uses the concept of closedloop management to establish an electronic chemotherapy monitoring platform,