[Recorded Webinar] Intelligent Healthcare of Chronic Kidney Disease | ISHF 2021 S3

[Recorded Webinar] Intelligent Healthcare of Chronic Kidney Disease | ISHF 2021 S3

Location:YouTube: Smart City Summit & Expo, Taipei

About this event

International Smart Healthcare Forum 2021: Session 3

The application of the IoT and the development of medical AI are accelerating the intellectualization of kidney disease care. Through the integration of medical information systems and dialysis equipment- medical staff can monitor the patient's dialysis result in real time, assisted in medical decision-making, then the risks caused by dialysis can be reduced. In addition, the homecare monitors with its timely automatic feedback of important physiological indices allow the family members to keep in touch with the medical institution to get prompt response and support. The concept of virtual ward extends the scope of medical care, which is expected to improve the quality of care for chronic kidney disease.

This forum discussed how to apply ICT and AIoT to realize the integration of healthcare information and improve the outcome of patients with chronic kidney disease. Topics include:

How to use smart technologies to enhance the quality of home care for dialysis patients, to prevent complications, or respond earlier.

How to leverage hemodialysis-related information and intelligent management to improve the quality of care.



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