[Recorded Webinar] The New Care Model of Digital Delivery | ISHLF2021S1

[Recorded Webinar] The New Care Model of Digital Delivery | ISHLF2021S1

Location:YouTube: Smart City Summit & Expo, Taipei

About this event

International Smart Hospital Leadership Forum 2021

SESSION 1: Resilient New Reality-The New Care Model of Digital Delivery

The Health Smart Taiwan (HST), operated by the Joint Commission of Taiwan (JCT), is dedicated to promoting the cross-industry integration of medical and technology, driving healthcare innovative services, and enhancing the application value of smart healthcare solutions. In the post-epidemic era, HST would like to support healthcare & MedTech leaders to equip with resilient ability to face the waves of impacts from external environment. Topics include:

  • Quality Standards for Telehealth
  • Patient-Centered Seamless Transition and Referral System
  • Landseed Telehealth for Anxiety and Depression During COVID-19 Pandemic
  • Separation Without Distraction - Remote Application with Care

Through bringing the two most thriving industries in Taiwan together with international trends in healthcare renewal, we intend to provide international vision and practical suggestions to assist leaders in implementing a resilient recovery in building sustainable and resilient healthcare environment.


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