An Experience on a Smart Non-contacting Tablet Computer System, with Novel AI Image and Clinical Decision Algorithm for COVID-19 Quarantine Station in Taiwan

National Cheng Kung University Hospital


For the first time, patients use this "COVID-19 Smart Tablet Clinical Decision System" from tablets to fill in the TOCC and upload their own electronic medical record system by themselves. By checking the patient information from the computer, doctors and nurses can quickly perform quarantine station diversion 
based on the clinical guidelines and patient flow recommendations provided by the tablet system without direct human-to-human contact. The whole procedure time has shortened from 2 hours to 20 minutes.
We also develop an AI-assisted system for COVID-19 pneumonia by "MedCheX". This system successfully identifies the COVID-19 pneumonia after the suspicious patient taking a chest X-ray within a few seconds and marks the location of the disease. The accuracy rate is as high as 80%. The doctor only needs to focus on the possible lesions.

Source:2021 Application of Smart Medical Technology

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