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V5med and AstraZeneca Taiwan Signing MOU on promoting AI-assisted Lung Cancer Early Detection


In Taiwan, lung cancer has become the most commonly diagnosed cancer. According to Taiwan National Health Administration of the Ministry of Health and Welfare, that half of Taiwan’s lung cancer cases are diagnosed at stage 4, and the five-year survival rate is only about 10%. V5med, Taiwan’s leader in AI-assisted lung cancer screening, announced that the company has signed a MOU (memorandum of understanding) with AstraZeneca Taiwan to jointly promote AI-assisted lung cancer screening. This partnership aims to enhance the quality of screening for high-risk populations, facilitate early intervention treatment, and strengthen the network for lung cancer prevention and treatment.



AstraZeneca Taiwan has partnered with Taiwanese medical experts and associations to launch the "Doubling Lung Cancer Survival Advocacy Platform" in 2020. This initiative seeks to double Taiwan's five-year lung cancer survival rate by 2025. Following three years of collaboration and infrastructure development involving public health experts, medical professionals, and government agencies, the "Early Detection of Lung Cancer Program" was introduced in 2022. It stands as the world's pioneer screening program tailored for individuals with a family history of lung cancer and heavy smokers. Thus far, it has successfully identified over 1000 cases of lung cancer, with 85% detected at the early stage.


As the screening program expands, clinical teams anticipate heightened demands for data processing and patient care. Consequently, to establish a more personalized care approach, AstraZeneca Taiwan will partner with V5med, the leader in AI-assisted lung cancer screening, to leverage its high-sensitivity LDCT AI-assisted interpretation system. This collaboration aims to aid physicians in detecting early-stage lung cancer lesions that may be challenging to identify, coupled with international risk prediction models. The goal is to lay the foundation for a more sustainable care model aligned with national-level lung cancer screening policies.


V5med, a subsidiary of the Taiwanese semiconductor optical inspection equipment giant V5 Technologies, launched its V5 Lung AI ("V5" Pulmonary Image Computer-Aided Detection Software) in late 2022. With a remarkable detection sensitivity exceeding 95%, the product has been adopted by nearly 20 hospitals within only one year. Lin Kun-xi, the founder of V5med, expressed, "V5med is fully dedicated to advancing early lung cancer screening, in line with the original vision of the AstraZeneca Taiwan Lung Cancer Survival Rate Doubling Initiative Platform. We eagerly anticipate further collaboration and promotion, believing it will significantly enhance Taiwan's lung cancer diagnosis and treatment landscape!"


Vita Chien, General Manager of AstraZeneca Taiwan, remarked, " As a pioneer in lung cancer treatment, AstraZeneca Taiwan deeply commit to early detection and treatment for patients. We believe that creating a patient-centered ecosystem partnership with innovative breakthroughs can build a holistic care environment for patients.. This explains why we've partnered with V5med through the A. Catalyst Network, aiming to use their AI solutions and assistance software to establish a world-class LDCT screening strategy. This will not only benefit patients in Taiwan, but also has the potential to expand lung cancer care worldwide."