New ECG System Eliminated Wire Leads to Simplify Standard 12-Lead ECG

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The QT Medical PCA 500 12-lead ECG system uses a unique wearable wrap that contains all the leads and eliminated the need to connect separate wire electrodes to the patient. The simplicfication of lead placement enables the system to be used by patients at home.

''This new exclusive service offers patients the ability to monitor their own heart health, allows healthcare providers to continue providing quality of care while maximizing revenue, and minimizing cost and risks for the healthcare system. Xpress ECG enables millions of patients with heart diseases to manage their health from the comfort of their homes,'' said Ruey-Kang Chang, M.D., CEO of QT Medical Inc.

Cleared by the FDA in 2018 and CE marked in 2020, PCA 500 is the world's most compact 12-lead ECG system. With its simplicity, ease of use, mobile technology and cloud management, PCA 500 brings hospital-grade ECG to homes, and enables doctors to make informed decisions anywhere, anytime.