These telemedicine companies are changing the future of doctor visits

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After years of slowly gaining traction, telemedicine exploded during the pandemic. Now companies are using that momentum to usher in the next wave of remote health:

Tyto Care's home medical kits, approved by the US FDA, have small built-in cameras so doctors can virtually see inside the ears or throat, and help identify cardiovascular respiratory conditions.

Sanford Health in the Midwest has its own "home monitoring kits," which included a fetal ultrasound monitor and a blood pressure cuff, making it possible for women to use virtual care for nearly a third of their prenatal care visits during the pandemic.

Kiira's virtual care app wants to help close the healthcare gap for women in college, especially women of color. Physicians on the app can conduct virtual visits and provide prescriptions or order lab tests through the platform. Colleges cover the monthly cost of Kiira, so the care is free for students.

Spora Heath is also a affordable telemedicine service but focuses on providing a primary care network for Black Americans.