New technology to take the temperature of diabetic feet

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Researchers at the Auckland Bioengineering Institute (ABI) have received Health Research Council (HRC) funding to do a pilot study in which they will trial a portable temperature-sensing technology they developed to detect the early signs of complications of the feet among people with Diabetes 2.

The prototype technology, FootSense, is a low-cost device designed for home-based monitoring, to detect early signs of foot complications.

It does this by measuring asymmetries in temperature. Research shows that differences in temperature between our feet – for example, if the ball of the foot in the left foot is different from the same location in the right foot – is indicative of compromises in blood flow. This can lead to foot ulcers and in severe cases, the need for amputation.

The Research Activation Grant funding from the HRC will enable the researchers to trial the device by working with a podiatry clinic in Auckland, and with real patients.