MedicAlert warns over-reliance on tech can put lives at risk

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MedicAlert, a medical ID charity, is warning the public to not over-rely on technology when it comes to medical emergencies. Wearable medical IDs are used by first responders to gather critical information that can save lives. With over 87% of UK adults now having a smartphone, many are relying on apps such as the iPhone's Medical ID which stores important health data such as any allergies and allows access to information from the lock screen, without needing a passcode. 

In an emergency, a phone can become separated from the individual, be confused with other phones on scene, can be out of charge, can experience a broken screen or be hidden in a bag. A paramedic's priority will be to treat the individual and they will not delay treatment by looking for a possible device. Having a Medical ID on your smartphone is a good backup, we'd urge to complement this with tried and tested medical IDs to alert first responders to critical medical information.