HIMSS22 EUROPE: 'To change citizens' health behaviour we need technology that creates delight'

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For innovation to be effective it is also important that healthcare professionals change their behaviour. Prof Agnès Buzyn said we can train health professionals to use those digital health tools as a way to help them to adapt their practice and give them incentives in their practice. The online platform in France was launched earlier this year, enabling all citizens to access and manage their health data.

Dr Kristina Curtis said in order to change behaviour, we need to understand what the driving forces are behind that behaviour. It's not enough just to educate people or diagnose someone with something such as being pre-diabetic. There has to be a balance between environmental changes or behavioural nudges such as health architecture, along with allowing people to make informed choices about their behaviour and supporting them to change their behaviours at multiple layers, whether that be at the government layer, in the community or at the educational layer.