Altera Digital Health 為 Te Whata Ora Waikato 提供 Provation 的麻醉解決方案 Altera Digital Health to deliver Provation's anaesthesia solutions to Te Whata Ora Waikato


Altera 將向懷卡托醫院和泰晤士醫院提供 Provation iPro 麻醉系統,這兩家醫院共有 34 個手術室和 37 張 PACU 床位。iPro 系統由 iPro 入院前測試、IntraOp、急性疼痛管理、PACU 和分析組成。

iPro Anesthesia 提供 24/7 全天候支持和對患者健康信息的持續訪問,並且可以無線傳輸來自麻醉機的患者生理數據。它還允許臨床醫生跟踪效率指標、合規性和臨床洞察力。

此外,它還能夠與 EHR、PAS、病理學和放射學系統連接;具有麻醉調節功能;並且可以與 Pyxis 集成用於麻醉藥物管理。

該系統的目標是在明年 3 月底之前在兩家醫院投入使用。

Based on a media release, Altera will be delivering the Provation iPro Anaesthesia system to the Waikato Hospital and Thames Hospital, which collectively run 34 operating theatres and 37 PACU beds. The iPro system consists of the iPro pre-admission testing, IntraOp, Acute Pain Management, PACU and Analytics.

iPro Anaesthesia provides 24/7 support and continuous access to patient health information and can wirelessly stream patient physiological data from anaesthesia machines. It also allows clinicians to track efficiency metrics, compliance, and clinical insights.

Additionally, it has the ability to interface with EHR, PAS, pathology and radiology systems; features a narcotic reconciliation functionality; and can be integrated with Pyxis for anaesthesia medications management.

The system is targeted to go live in both hospitals by the end of March next year.