The future of telehealth in the new normal


As we transition to the post-pandemic age, the healthcare sector has become more cautious about meeting the health needs of patients by providing accessible and high-quality care; and telehealth is becoming a tool that is helping healthcare providers improve their services.

According to a report titled “Morbidity and Mortality Weekly Report” published on the American Journal of Management Care (AJMC), telehealth visits increased by 154% during the first quarter of 2020.

Moving forward to the new normal, the future of telehealth remains optimistic. As telehealth becomes an alternative solution for healthcare services, the potential of what telehealth will contribute to the healthcare sector is becoming more and more apparent.


根據發表在美國管理護理雜誌(AJMC)上的題為“發病率和死亡率週報”的報告,2020 年第一季度,遠醫療訪問量增加了 154%。