Smart glasses help UK hospital to cut waiting time for heart surgery


London, March 28 In a revolutionary procedure, health workers at a hospital in the UK are using smart glasses to help speed up the time for heart surgery.

The glasses enable heart staff at the Essex Cardiothoracic Centre (CTC) at Basildon Hospital to receive real-time advice from anywhere in the world as they share a live feed from the operating theatre through a high-resolution camera on the smart glasses.

倫敦,3 月 28 日,在一項革命性的手術中,英國一家醫院的醫護人員正在使用智能眼鏡來幫助加快心臟手術的時間。

該眼鏡使 Basildon 醫院埃塞克斯心胸中心 (CTC) 的心臟工作人員能夠通過智能眼鏡上的高分辨率攝像頭分享來自手術室的實時信息,從而從世界任何地方接收實時建議。