A KAIST research team led by Professor Keon Jae Lee from the Department of Materials Science and Engineering and the College of Medicine of the Catholic University of Korea has developed a highly sensitive, wearable piezoelectric blood pressure sensor. 

Clinical trial at the St. Mary’s Hospital of the Catholic University validated the accuracy of blood pressure sensor at par with international standard with errors within ±5 mmHg and a standard deviation under 8 mmHg for both systolic and diastolic blood pressure. In addition, the research team successfully embedded the sensor on a watch-type product to enable continuous monitoring of blood pressure.

由材料科學與工程系和韓國天主教大學醫學院的 Keon Jae Lee 教授領導的 KAIST 研究團隊開發了一種高靈敏度、可穿戴的壓電血壓傳感器。 在天主教大學聖瑪麗醫院進行的臨床試驗驗證了血壓傳感器的準確性與國際標準相當,收縮壓和舒張壓的誤差在±5 mmHg 以內,標準偏差在 8 mmHg 以下。此外,研究團隊成功將感應器嵌入手錶類產品中,以持續監測血壓。


Source: eurekalert