App-Assisted Follow-up Improves Postoperative Recovery Score After Surgery


Using an app to monitor postsurgical recovery led to improved quality of recovery scores, according to a recent study published in JAMA Surgery.

In the randomized clinical trial of women undergoing breast reconstruction or gynecologic surgical resection, researchers compared quality of recovery and patient satisfaction between conventional in-person postsurgical follow up and home-based follow up care using a smartphone application.

In addition to these primary outcomes, they assessed number of contacts with the medical system, postoperative complications, costs of follow up care, the surgeons’ contact with patients, and surgeons’ perceptions of app-assisted care.

根據最近發表在JAMA Surgery上的一項研究,使用應用程序來監測術後恢復可以提高恢復評分的質量



Source: AJMC Gwen Mergian