Using Smart Devices to Identify Signs of Early Parkinson's 使用智能設備識別早期帕金森症的跡象


The latest research shows that wearable devices like smartwatches can provide sustained monitoring and objective measures of Parkinson’s disease in real-world scenarios.

Published in the journal npj Parkinson’s Disease, researchers at the University of Rochester Medical Centre describe how the data generated by smart wearables could potentially mean new treatments for Parkinson’s, which could have significant benefits for those in the early stage of the disease.


羅切斯特大學醫學中心的研究人員發表在npj 帕金森氏病雜誌上,描述了智能可穿戴設備生成的數據如何可能意味著帕金森氏症的新療法,這可能對處於疾病早期階段的患者產生重大益處。

Source: AZoSensors