10 Ways to Drive Adoption for Your mHealth App 推動 mHealth APP的 10 種方法


An mHealth app is any computer-based intervention that takes place via a connected device, web, texting, native app, or any combination thereof. The convergence of certain healthcare trends over the past few decades has created a rich opportunity for the development of mHealth apps—the most successful of which are designed around a deep understanding of the behavioral psychology behind patient choices and motivations. Ten design characteristics are essential to driving the adoption of an mHealth app. With adoption being the key to success when it comes to significantly impacting patients’ lives, it’s critical to get it right.

過去幾十年某些醫療保健趨勢的融合為移動醫療應用程序的開發創造了豐富的機會——其中最成功的應用程序是圍繞對患者選擇和動機背後的行為心理學的深刻理解而設計的。十個設計特徵對於推動 mHealth 應用程序的採用至關重要。當涉及到對患者生活的重大影響時,採用是成功的關鍵,因此正確處理至關重要。

Source: IoT For All