Virtual reality, facial recognition. How AI is reshaping healthcare in South Florida


AI is fueling healthcare innovation in South Florida.
1.Patient facial recognition
Patients will be able to use facial recognition, similar to Face ID on their phones, to check-in for their appointments at UHealth facilities.
2.Using virtual reality to help reduce patient anxiety
Patients can use virtual reality headsets to help reduce anxiety before, during and after procedures. The kids can be transported into space, the mountains and even underwater.
3.Targeting Alzheimer’s
Using focused ultrasounds to temporarily open or “disrupt” the barrier that surrounds the brain in areas where there’s an abnormal build-up of Alzheimer-causing proteins. 
4.AI to teach
The interactive table displays an accurate 3D representation of human and animal bodies. You can add or remove muscles, change your field of view and other details to explore and learn the human body.
5.Pushing the limits of healthcare’ on the race track
A full-service temporary trauma center for Formula 1’s Miami Grand Prix. It has all the medical equipment doctors would need for an emergency, including X-ray machines and blood transfusions.