2022 WPSD Webinar: Using Technology to Improve Maternal and Newborn Care

2022 WPSD Webinar: Using Technology to Improve Maternal and Newborn Care

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According to the World Health Organization, there are about 810 women dying of pregnancy and labor-related causes that can be prevented each day around the world. On a daily basis, there are also about 6,700 neonatal deaths. Each year, the number of still births comes to around two million and among them, 40% occurred during labor. Child birth is associated with multiple risk factors, with primary ones including pre-eclampsia, placental abruption, amniotic fluid embolism, and postpartum bleeding, etc. By providing a safe environment and high-quality care during pregnancy, labor, and child birth, a lot of such still births and pregnant or lying-in woman, and neonatal deaths can be prevented.  In other words, risk control and monitoring such as real-time preparation, identification and prevention, as well as emergency response, among others, are indispensable in the enhancement of maternity and newborn safety and in the reduction of child birth accidents.

For nearly ten years, the number of deaths among newborns and pregnant and lying-in women has been significantly dropping. Nevertheless, the number of deaths remains unacceptable. As such, while the World Health Organization set pregnancy and newborn safety as one of patient safety goals in 2021, the four major goals introduced included a reduction in unnecessary injuries for women and newborns during labor, improved capabilities of healthcare professionals, and better medication and blood transfusion safety during labor.  In a joint effort to protect the safety of pregnant women and newborns, measures such as the pregnancy risk assessment to help identify high risks, pregnant women and newborn monitoring, early identification of and prevention against complications before and after birth have been introduced in Taiwan. This webinar is organized by the Joint Commission of Taiwan(JCT) and the Health Smart Taiwan(HST), where highly-trusted hospitals throughout Taiwan for pregnant women and newborns are invited to share their strategies and practices in creating an assuring environment for pregnant women and newborns. You are welcome to join us!



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Organizer: Health Smart Taiwan (HST); Joint Commission of Taiwan (JCT)

Sponsor:  Ministry of Health and Welfare, Taiwan

Registration deadline:Please register before 29th Setemper

Contact us:hst@jct.org.tw / HST Team

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