Maya International Company, Ltd.

Maya International Co., Ltd. was established in 2002 as a software information service company with professional technology as its core. We are committed to the development of clinical information, medical information and health promotion management and other related information systems.

In terms of clinical information, currently available clinical instruments include bedside physiological monitors, ventilators, automatic blood pressure machines, anesthesia machines, IV Pump, IABP, electrocardiographs, fetal monitors... etc. Partners include major international medical instrument manufacturers, connectable instrument types or medical institution customer cases, and are already leading domestic manufacturers.

In recent years, the government and the private sector have actively developed health promotion-related services. The company has the opportunity to participate in a number of large-scale projects and private projects, build and complete ten different types of health promotion management platforms, and accumulate considerable experience and insights. As a leading threshold for sustainable development.

For more than ten years, we uphold the enthusiasm and professionalism of medical information, quietly cultivate, accumulate and learn in this industry, and exchange professional and customer-oriented services in exchange for customer recognition. Based on this, the next stage will continue to implement the company's core values ​​and gradually expand the scope of cross-domain information services.