Tri-Service General Hospital

Tri-Service General Hospital (TSGH), originally named as the Army 801 General Hospital, was founded in 1946, and reorganized and renamed in July, 1967, after moving from Guangzhou St. to Tingzhou Rd. (a.k.a. the water source camp). To cope with rapidly changing medical settings and strive for the overall development of medical education for the armed forces, the National Defense Medical Center (NDMC) was set up by combining the National Defense Medical College and TSGH in November, 2000 at Neihu, Taipei, where the complex ranged approximately 43 hectares, while outpatient and emergency services are still available in the original Tingzhou Branch. Following the national policy, the Navy hospitals in Penghu(811) and Keelung(812), the Songshan Airforce hospital(807), Beitou hospital(818) and the Taipei Outpatient Center are all affiliated to TSGH, serving military personnel and civilian with top quality medical services. A new page for the medical services provided by the armed forces nationwide was unfolded. Organizationally, we are a teaching hospital under the NDMC, in charge of provision of clinical medical services, teaching and research. The medical services are available to the active military personnel, military dependents and the public. As a teaching hospital of medical center grade approved by the Ministry of Health and Welfare, we are always a vital national medical services provider. We are not only a provider of the public medical services and the clinical teaching and internship for the NDMC students in peace time, but also a competent authority in charge of mobilizing support and the medical resources integration and control in wartime.
With Care, Quality, Discipline and Innovation as our core values for constant provision of prime instructions, studies and services as our goals, the Tri-Service General Hospital (TSGH) hopefully is one of the top medical institutions in Taiwan
. As it comes to medical services, TSGH cooperates with foreign and domestic medical and research facilities and faculties. With a new look and edgy healthcare dedicated to the armed forces and the public as a paradigm of all military hospitals, it is our vision to be the top hospital nationwide, healthcare guardian in the community and international medical center worldwide.