Chiun Mai Communication Systems, Inc.

FusionNet — AIoT Smart Healthcare Solutions

FusionNet is an AIoT platform integrated with a variety of smart healthcare solutions developed by Chiun Mai Communication Systems(CMCC). We offer intelligent services based on indoor positioning and wireless communication to help hospitals prevent medical violence, improve efficiency and ensure patient’s safety. Our customized solutions include Medical Violence Prevention, Wireless Nurse Call, Smart Equipment Tracking , Infant Diaper Care & Positioning, and Patient Sensing & Monitoring Systems.

  • Medical Violence Prevention:

Whenever there are irrational patients or visitors that threat the safety of medical personnel, the small and light-weighted bluetooth button equipped by hospital personnel can help to transmit an emergency message with in-door positioning information. The security guard will receive the message from both the security station and the smart wristband in real-time, find the location of the incident, and go to help before any harm occurs. The system is also integrated with hospital surveillance camera to automatically record the incident for follow-up problem clarification.

  • Wireless Nurse Call:

Patients can press the Wireless Nursing Call button to send S.O.S. message including positioning information to get immediate assistance when emergency occurs.

  • Smart Equipment Tracking:

Easily find out the location of medial instruments, emergency equipment or wheelchairs when you just need them. The Smart Equipment Tracking System can help hospitals manage assets in a smarter and more efficient way.   

  • Infant Diaper Care & Positioning:

The system can continually detect the humidity of diapers and send alarm message when the diaper is wet. Integrated with in-door positioning, the system can also records the status of Rooming-In and prevent baby stealing. 

  • Patient Sensing & Monitoring:

The mmWave radar sensors can detect if the patient fall down or stay in the bathroom too long. The system also monitors and records patient’s motions such as getting off the bed and standing up in a privacy-preserving way . 

FusionNet smart healthcare solutions had been adopted by Mackay Memorial Hospital, National Taiwan University Hospital Cancer Center, National Taiwan University Hospital Jin-Shan Branch and Shuang-Ho Hospital to protect first-line medical personnel from violence, reduce operation workload, optimize management efficiency and improve medical quality.

FusionNet, enabled by the technology of low-power Bluetooth (BLE), artificial intelligence (AI), Internet-of-Things (IoT) and cloud platform, offers our customers a full range of intelligent services.  As an open platform, FusionNet is flexible to integrate 3rd-party devices and provide open API to let our IoT partners develop their services on our platform easily. We are devoted to grow with our partners together as an ecosystem and offer diversified, customized and comprehensive solutions to hospitals and healthcare facilities.