ACE Biotek Co., Ltd.

Established in 2000, ACE Group has grown for more than 20 years across wireless and healthcare industries. Originally, ACE Group formed ACE Solution as its first foray to focus on wireless communication, networking hardware, and customized system integration projects. Driven by President Steve’s vision to improve healthcare quality, he built the ACE Biotek building from the ground up and officially founded ACE Biotek in 2018. ACE Biotek integrates the past 20 years of industrial experience and knowledge to solve unmet clinical needs. In order to achieve the early diagnosis of diseases, we have developed smart medical solutions regarding imaging algorithms, cloud computing, artificial intelligence, and terahertz technology so far. Long term, ACE Biotek will expand globally to serve as a platform to cultivate talents and support tech companies to transform into Medtech.




Main Services

Pioneer from 3C to medical-Smart medical solutions:
Digitize medical data to seize the EMR trend
Retrieve and integrate medical data for customized integration solutions for telemedicine and smart hospital big data

Early Disease Diagnostics and Healthcare:
Develop smart medical solutions with imaging algorithms, cloud computing, and AI
Utilize Terahertz for contactless and non-destructive detection in medical, pharmaceuticals, biotechnology, and pathological sections