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TaiHao Medical Inc

TaiHao Medical Inc. is an artificial intelligence company founded in 2013 that focusing on computer-aided detection and diagnosis. Headquarter is in Taipei, Taiwan. Our team consists of experts from multidisciplinary domains including artificial intelligence, biomedical engineering and medicine. The image processing methodology with artificial intelligence is evaluated to be helpful in assisting physicians in breast cancer detection. The available products including "BR-Viewer", "BR-FHUS Smart System" are focusing on breast screening to meet the upcoming requirements. Either for images from handheld or ABUS ultrasound, the corresponding computer-aided system is ready. Eventually, we aim at being the leader of medical software with whole body health care in the world.

Our products, BR-Viewer and BR-FHUS Smart System, are certified and validated for medical use (FDA, TFDA). TaiHao Medical Inc. has obtained ISO 13485: 2016/NS-EN ISO13485:2016 certification and Good Manufacturing Practice (GMP) compliance.