2022 WPSD Webinar: Using Technology to Improve Medication Safety

2022 WPSD Webinar: Using Technology to Improve Medication Safety

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In the global healthcare system, unsafe medication practices or medication errors are main causes of harm or avoidable harm. Both weak medication systems and human factors can affect prescription, transcribing, dispensing, management, and monitoring and accordingly lead to severe harm, disability, and even death of patients. For example, sequential medication procedures performed by nurses given their heavy workload and repeated tasks such as dispensing carried out by pharmacists working intensively over an extended period of time can lead to dosing or dispensing errors given environmental and human factors. This is why, creating a safe medical care setting and a rotational system and a fool-proof mechanism are crucial to minimized medication errors.

In countries around the world, "medication safety" has been considered as one of the important goals to be fulfilled among medical institutions while they promote a patient safety-centered culture. The action items include creation of a patient medication integrating mechanism, avoidance of potential harm under repeated medication and drug-drug interactions, enhanced care safety with the use of high-alert or high-risk medication, and establishment of a management and monitoring mechanism, among others.

The experts from the Japan and Taiwan are invited to share their strategies and practices in improving medication safety. You are welcome to join us!



  • Ensure prescription adequacy by combining the medication integrating and decision-making support system
  • Apply information technology in safeguarding prescription and dispensing safety
  • Prevent against high-alert medication dispensing and medication errors and apply closed-loop management while ensuring medication safety


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Organizer: Health Smart Taiwan (HST), Taiwan; Joint Commission of Taiwan (JCT), Taiwan

Sponsor:  Ministry of Health and Welfare, Taiwan

Registration deadline:Please register before 13th September

Contact us:hst@jct.org.tw / HST Team

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