A-TECH was founded in 1995, co-established by senior researchers from the industrial Technology Research Institute of Taiwan (ITRI). Our experienced staff have taken part in many automated projects over the years regarding machine control, electronic and optical systems, LCD and PCB laser repair, and semiconductor related tasks. With professional experience as strong support, we concentrate on the development of techniques. We have earned trust not only for automated hardware and software or the integrated application of electromechanical controllers, but for long term partnership, with an irreplaceable reputation.

Besides the field of semiconductor industry, A-TECH contact the field of Food machinery through serendipity. Food businesses would like to increase productivity and quality and solve the shortage of manpower. To find A-TECH to provide solutions. The introduction of the package with the AOI inspection, fruit flesh sorting and cutting automatic equipment in food manufacture.

In recent years, the influence of Covid-19, we found the diverse development of biomedical market and capacity requirement increased. These requirements like intelligent operation, convenient communication, data retention, digital information and so on. With A-TECH the capability of automated hardware and software the integrated application, to help the biomedical field not only has more efficiency arrangement in human resource, but also promote the improvement of production capacity and the stability of operation. In the beginning of 2022, we established Biomedical Equipment Development Division is devoted to service biomedical field.