2022 WPSD Webinar: Through Innovative Clinical Training to Improve Patient Safety

2022 WPSD Webinar: Through Innovative Clinical Training to Improve Patient Safety

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Clinical techniques when it comes to medical care have been acquired directly by trials and errors among patients traditionally; that is, patients became practical training tools and growths were possible at the cost of pains suffered by patients. Many important clinical techniques, such as the endotracheal Intubation and the central venous catheter (CVC) insertion, are subject to limited practical and simulation opportunities. The impossibility for young healthcare professionals to familiarize themselves with detailed steps can result in them losing faith in clinical practice.

As technology and the need for medical care advance, the demand for a virtual classroom and for online-to-offline integration is increasing each day. In the field for health care, in particular, augmented reality, virtual reality, and mixed reality, among other technologies, have been successfully introduced in medicine and the health care field in a lot of countries. Scenario-based simulation design enables a team to experience and acquire clinical patient management skills as well as collaboration and communication skills during actual operation. Technologies help with repeated simulation and real-time feedback and sufficient and sound clinical training enables the healthcare team to make the best of their professionalism and to accordingly enhance patient safety.

The hospitals offering clinical training in a variety of ways are invited to share their strategies and practices in novel clinical training. You are welcome to join us!



  • Grow talented people in large numbers who can give command under circumstances involving casualties through scenario-based simulation training.
  • Break through environmental restrictions in clinical training and apply AR, VR, and 3D simulation and multi-media technologies for enhanced care skills.


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Organizer: Health Smart Taiwan (HST), Taiwan; Joint Commission of Taiwan (JCT), Taiwan

Sponsor:  Ministry of Health and Welfare, Taiwan

Registration deadline:Please register before 29th August

Contact us:hst@jct.org.tw / HST Team

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